Testing out my new Berlin Series Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion (by Orchestral Tools) with a MIDI Realisation of the Greenpath Score from popular Steam Game Hollow Knight. For this first stage I used Emotional Viola/Violin by Harmonic Subtones to create graceful and authentic Portimento slides between notes in melodic passages as well as subtle harmonics up in the higher register. Then utilizing the characterful elements of the Herring Clarinet by Embertone when Woodwind has it's turn in the spotlight. An exercise like this will help to polish my Orchestral programming skills to create more convincing music overall. Audio will be available when the MIDI Adaptation is complete.

Week 1

- Emotional Violin (Harmonic Subtones)

- Emotional Viola (Harmonic Subtones)

- Symphonic Harps (Orchestral Tools)

- Berlin Percussion (Orchestral Tools)



Composition Lesson with my student from Texas who is an aspiring and talented Video Game Composer. For this session, I analyzed my Ensemble piece "Water and I" which I had finalized this week. The analysis covers aspects across Harmony, Structure, Form, Rhythm, Mood, Register and Texture/Timbre as well as considering the overall context or purpose of the Music. The Audio is embedded and an extract of the Analysis is available below:

Analysis Extract Blurred.jpg



Began MIDI Realisation of my existing String Arrangement - Liszt's Nuages Gris for Harp and String Quintet. I am using my newfound staple Symphonic Harps by Orchestral Tools, as well as the Joshua Bell Violin (Embertone) and Tina Guo Cello (Cinesamples) for a more intimate/solo sound. I am contemplating making use of my more recent suitable purchases that are: Emotional Violin/Viola (Harmonic Subtones) and Chris Hein Solo Cello/Contrabass (Harmonic Subtones) as they offer a variety of techniques and play styles. Layered combination patches like Chamber Strings might also come in useful for this Orchestration. Audio will be available when the MIDI Adaptation is complete.

Nuages Gris Arrangement (2).jpg
25-1st May



Week 2
  • Website Development

  • Content Posting

  • Embedding and syncing dozens of new Tracks.

  • Approaching potential new Clients




Week 3

Began working on a Portfolio piece inspired by Dreams of William (embedded below) from the Life is Strange Game OST (Composed by Daughter). The aim is to record slides on Electric Guitar/Bass and have some Ambient Pads and Female Vocals to accompany the spaced-out chords. I want it to sound a little haunting but not too Dark. My aim is to have Vocals done by Federica Capretti (completed Vocals for me on Voxie Tactics and single releases) and Guitar by Prokhor Kuznetsov (completed recordings for Lucinda Dumpling).



Exciting announcement that I will be Composing the OST for the Visual Novel: Luna's Lovely Summer by PixaelSoft:

Visual Novel



Completed the first Track for a Turn-based Rogue-lite Game being developed by a Team in South Korea.

Their Twitter tag is: @ObitsOw. The Library Area features this Cosy/Chill blend of Acoustic/Orchestral/Warm Electronic elements to contrast against the colder, more unnatural colours of the outside city:



Completed my MIDI Realisation of Nuages Gris which I started on April 24th. I chose to add in Percussive elements and advanced Strings techniques in order to enhance the cinematic appeal. I used a combination of Solo String Instruments and Groups to achieve a blend between intimate and larger textures at different moments within the piece:




Adapted a piece I had previously written as Strategy-based Game Music for an imagined Dungeon-based level. I firstly altered the staccato Strings to make them legato; fading in and out, before adding melancholic Piano writing building up to a climax where percussive elements strike and a Solo Cello shines in the spotlight in a new section. Using more traditional classical harmony, this piece creates a mixture between a dark cinematic and romantic style. Also taking inspiration from the Main Theme of the Video Game Elden Ring which uses a Dark and Cinematic Orchestral Score with Fantasy/Vocal scoring elements featured. Here are the two pieces side by side: