Having started Piano as an infant (age 6), Josh quickly discovered an aptitude for Composition at age 11. He composed/produced his first Solo Piano works and Media Compositions at the age of 15 and has been composing ever since. In 2016, Josh secured a BA in Music Composition (2:1 - Brunel University) at the age of 21, with a focus on contemporary scoring styles and Sonic Arts. This year he will be graduating from his Masters in Composition for Film and Television (pending - Bristol University)  where the focus was more on Producing and Orchestration within a Media framework.


Having composed over 30 tracks for Games, Animation and Film/Documentaries in the last year, Josh is set to continue working with established companies on some big ongoing projects (Morf Studio and Salvation Games). His main styles include Synthwave, Magical, Horror and Cinematic; whilst more recently expanding his repertoire towards lighter, more upbeat Orchestrations for his work in Kid's Animation.

In Josh's Home Studio he uses the popular White Yamaha HS5 speakers which produce a balanced and revealing sound. These are mounted upon short Speaker Stands and dense Foam Isolators. Bass Traps, Fibreglass Panels and Acoustic Foam Tiles are positioned around the speakers to control the primary points of reflection. He has access to a Condenser Microphone within a Vocal Isolation Booth (with Pop Filter) for Foley/Vocal Recordings, as well as a 7-Octave MIDI Keyboard (weighted keys) and a small selection of Percussion Instruments.

His choice of DAW is Cubase 10 Pro where he has a versatile collection of VST's (including that from the EWQL Composer Cloud) and necessary Production tools. He has a small network of remote Recordists who can create Live Recordings if necessary, depending on the budget of the project. Even without Live Recordings, Josh can create convincing and quality Music with the hours of experience he has in programming and production.